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  • RoHS requirements

    As early as July 2005, we began to change hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium in electroplating process to meet the setting standards of RoHS directive.

  • Water resources utilization

    We are actively looking for ways to reduce water consumption in the manufacturing process.

  • Waste water treatment

    All processing water is treated as neutral or as water with the least amount of harmful ingredients. We use high-tech synthetic materials to collect and compress the residual harmful substances in production.

  • ISO14001 Environmental Policy Plan

    We strive to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Our environmental policies include commitments to comply with local environmental laws (if feasible, even higher than standard requirements), effective use of raw materials and waste reduction.

  • Social responsibility policy

    Respect the rights and interests of workers, pay attention to the health and safety of employees, protect the environment, abide by professional ethics and relevant laws and regulations, and achieve continuous improvement through training, employee participation and multi-party communication.